Show Pride In Your Home

Enhancing the showing potential of your home is so important! Below you will find some of our most basic recommendations to our sellers.

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  • Curb Appeal - a minor investment in landscaping can be the difference between your home being sold for top dollar or sitting on the market.

  • Your doorbell should work perfectly (first impressions)

  • Remember: Most untrained buyers look at furnishings and décor before they see the fundamentals of the ‘space’. Furnishing a Home well is a smart investment.

  • Everything should be cleaned and organized thoroughly. Buyers get confused by clutter, and distracted from the positive elements of your space.

  • Dirty walls should be re-painted if possible.

  • How light is your home? Would additional lighting enhance the space? Increase the wattage of existing lights, if dark.

  • Scented candles help reduce odors. Bad odors distract buyers.

  • Fresh flowers or plants always make a difference.

  • Remove furniture to improve the value image of the space. Replace or renting an eye-catching element or dinning table could adjust the buyer’s eyes to the possibility that the space too is more expensive-looking.

A small investment can yield a large return...

  • Sanding and re-finishing wood floors or removing/replacing worn carpeting could be a minor expense compared to the selling price gains.

  • Any signs of water damage, cracks or holes should be repaired. Cracked or broken windows or bathroom mirrors too!

  • Floor tiles and wall tiles should be re-grouted.

  • Will your home’s value increase if you renovate the kitchen and bathroom(s)? Is your home 20+ yrs old? This needs to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. We can help you with all of this and more!

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The Selling Process 

Select A Broker 

The relationship you will have with your broker during the course of the sale can be very close: it is important to select a broker who not only provides you the most professional service and achieves the highest selling price (that closes!), but also one with whom you feel comfortable inter-acting with on a regular basis.

Pricing Your Home

Meet with a professional who can give you all pertinent information regarding recent sales in the neighborhood, current competing listings, most current market trends, etc. The broker establishes a selling price that he or she feels comfortable achieving, and that you are comfortable selling for based on your specific parameters. REMEMBER: the market determines what your property will ultimately sell for (either higher or lower than the asking price). It is therefore most important to select a broker who has access to the most far-reaching marketing systems to expose your listing to the widest possible audience. THINK BIG! 

Listing + Advertising 

Establishing all the facts and figures surrounding your Home, floor plans, photographs, etc, and SHARING the listing with all other brokerage companies, so that every professional broker is aware of the listing. Ensure that your agent utilizes social media and will market your property outside of their "niche" market. Selective, well targeted advertising is the key to success, letting as many appropriate buyers know about your listing. Your broker will identify the numerous options available to you. 

Either in the form of open houses, broker events or private appointments, showings are important. Do your best (and potential buyers a favor) leave the property when you have a showing. Co-ordinate a convenient time or regular schedule with your agent to allow potential buyers to walk the space. 


Your agent will reach a meeting of minds between you (the seller) and the buyers agent. 

Your agent will assist in the full execution of a contract, ensuring the potential buyer has all of the necessary financial pre-requisests and finding any/all ways for you (the seller) to walk away with the most favorable terms.

Negotiating An Offer + Executing The Contract 

At the closing, the buyer pays the additional down payment, title fees, taxes, etc and signs various documents to transfer ownership of the Home. The process ends with congratulations, a check and you handing over the keys. 

The Closing

Ready to get started?